1. Admission applies to individuals from a 21-year old. (In the event of suspicion, security guards have the right to check the personal documents). If persons are without papers, club does not permit access.

2. "Face control". A security guard has the right to shut out to the club premises, the person if he does not comply with the requirements of the Club.

3. The Club prohibited include:

      (a) with your own alcoholic drinks;

      (b) substance;

      (c) with weapons and gas dispensers;

      (d) with items that can cause hazard to other visitors and staff of the Club; (e) with sporting footwear and clothing;

      (f): status;

      (g) for those who are aggressive, being annoyed, hampered by security staff and putting at risk the Club visitors;

      (h) the protection of workers and the Club of the Club), the Administration reserves the right to shut out nepaaiškindami the reason for the customer of the customer;

4. Come out of the premises of the Club and to come again, you need to pay an entrance fee of 3 € repeatedly.

5. For the pockets of the upper clothing in left items we are not responsible.

6. Club visitors must:

      (a) leave the headers clothing (jackets, coats, fur coat, scarves, etc.);

      (b) For the bags and other personal items left by a night club premises (dance floor, bar, rūkykloje, etc.) are not responsible

      (c) If you lose the dressing room number. The client has to stay until the closing of the Club and pay for the lost number 6 €. Only in that case your lost the item is released.

7. Customers on the inside of the Club must comply with the internal rules of the Club:

      (a) don‘t damage Club's inventory. After breaking something, the customer must pay for the damage in accordance with the rates fixed by the administration of the Club.

      (b) smoke only in current places(in the club).

      (c) to use not censured words, to act aggressively, to conflict, to use a physical force against the visitors of the Club and the Club's support staff;

      (d) dance on the stage;

      (e) to film and take pictures without the consent of the administration of the Club. An employee has the right to request a review of captured or taken material, and delete it.

      (f) to sleep;

      (g) to use of an intimate actions and manners;

      (h) if the Club's visitor vomited he must pay 6 € for cleaning services.

      (i) intoxicated clients who are not controlling their actions, the Club's security staff have the right to pilot people from the Club.

      (j) at the premises of the club customers who fight and all persons involved in the fight, will be not to the club premises as poses a risk to other customers.

      (k) interfere with the work of the entire service staff;

8. to take out all items (ashtrays, gear, glasses, menus, and so on.)

9. it is prohibited to distribute advertising without the consent of the administration.

Failure to comply with these rules, the Club's administration or security guards shall be entitled to request the client to leave the Club. The money for the entrance fee are non-refundable.

The rules of the Club confirmed:   Director Alina Skardžiuvienė